Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thread problem - or is it the machine

I really do not like having a bad sewing day when I am making stuff for other people. I am having a problem where the thread is not feeding through to the needle properly - it bunches up and kinda only lets 1 little strand through. Is this the thread or is this the machine? FYI, I use Guttermann thread, and it has happened with several reels.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Girls night in

Our mums group decided to throw a hen's night for bride-to-be Sarah, since all her family and friends live out of town. We all had a great night (lots of food, talking, dancing - you get the idea).

What do you think of Sarah's dress? It features bows on shoulders, gathering under bust (delightfully highlighted with a little alfoil bling), thigh high front split and a bustled back. Very glamourous and cost effective.

Unfortunately it did not last the night, so with much regret, Sarah will have to find another dress to wear for the big day.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The V8s are in town

Jalisa and I were able to visit the track at Willowbank (which is only 15 minutes away) to check out the V8 supercars yesterday (with Wayne of course). We were able to get a whole 1 picture before the camera died, so at least Jalisa was standing in front of one of the HRT cars --the one Todd Kelly drives.
The cars were practicing on the track - a lot louder (with more backfires) than I expected but overall it was fantastic.

I have been working on this nappy bag for a little while (I blame lack of mojo) so I am glad it is finished. The bag is based on a Burda WOF (8/2005) pattern, though I added fabric handles, changed the base/sides, added internal pockets and did not do the 6 pleats (decided to do a central inverted box pleat instead).
I used a heavy black pique fabric for the outer, with a very stiff interfacing (probably a little too stiff for pleats). The lining is a poplin, the pockets are the pique and the binding is a stretch poplin with a soft interfacing.

I have learnt that pleats do not mix with pockets and that it is a better to use similar weights of fabric when adding pockets to the lining. I added snaps to keep the sides in at the top when out and about (I liked that better than having the sides stick out).

I thought I would add a picture of Jalisa for good measure, jumping on her new trampoline that Wayne thoughtfully assembled in the lounge room (meaning hours of jumping and tantrums when it was time to go out)...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Organised enough for a post

On the weekend, we attended the unveiling of a sign for Ashton's corner, named after Wayne's grandmother (seated). That is Wayne's parents on the right of the photo.
Grandma organised for the kids to have a jumping castle (Jalisa gained confidence later to bounce on her own, until she ended with a bruised nose)...
and some ponies to ride on.
Jalisa was in heaven, because she loves horses and jumping.

I finally got around to snapping a picture of Jalisa in her dress up outfit (crown and skirt) from Clair - thank you - they will be great to add to her dress up box.
I just realised I need to get a photo of the apron and oven gloves I made for Jalisa (after she desperately wanted the set that I made for Natalie's Jordan and Jai. Will get that done another day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A use for that unusual fabric

When I first spotted this fabric, I thought it would make some great baby clothes. I decided to make a gown rather than trace off a KS all in one.

A big thanks to Helen of Nurture Sling - I recieved my order yesterday. I did a test drive with Jalisa and her dolly (seperately) and it should be brilliant for when the new bubba arrives.