Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stretch velvet pants

Seeing that the only maternity pants I had consisted of a pair of jeans, some leggings and some slinky (but pilled) pants, I thought I needed a pair of dressy pants. I found this embroidered stretch velvet on sale and used my favourite pants pattern (again) - this time leaving off the zipper and the yoke and using some black knit fabric for the waistband.
The knees have gone baggy since I have been sitting at the computer, and I have worn the pants all of last night and then this morning.

I do think I will need to add some elastic or something, they slide down slightly when I walk around. I loved how quickly they sewed up.


  1. Marie great pants and I love the growing belly

  2. They look really nice Marie. I had the same problem with some PP pants last pregnancy.

  3. Those pants look Fantastic Marie, so comfortable!

  4. Well done Marie - they look nice and snuggly

  5. Anonymous11:33 am

    Wow they look so comfy! Very classy!!

  6. Wow Marie, these look great! I wouldn't have though of using that fabric as pants, it said 'skirt' to me (and maybe a slouch bag!) but it looks fantastic as pants too.


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