Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naughty Mummy

This is what happens when I go online when Scotty is awake - somehow he got the left over porridge (still feel Jalisa must have gotten it down for him even though she denies it) down from the table where I left it and spread it all over the floor and himself.

Push it - the sequel

SIL just had another baby boy and I decided to make a small outfit to send with some other presents. Since she likes to dress the older boys in matching outfits I had to brilliant idea (just kidding) to make the older boys matching tees.

I used a blanket stitch this time for the appliques - took a lot more time but it shouldn't fray this time. The tees are Ottobre and the romper is Kwik Sew 3090 ( I think).
The only difference in the appliques is the size of the dirt being pushed. It gets bigger as the size gets bigger - hopefully the boys will be able to tell the difference when it is time to get dressed.
If you click on the title, you can see the original post I made about the applique.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

English Rose

Jalisa looks like an English schoolgirl in this outfit - well, she is 1/4 English so I hope she gets away with it.

The patterns are from Ottobre (#301 Best Tees, #14 from 4/2007), the fabric care of some clothes found at Lifeline. These were whipped up in no time, especially as the hems were already done. The skirt has little pleats at the front and back and I will definetly be making lots more of these as they use up very little fabric and are so easy to do.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flowergirl dress

Flowergirl dress is done (thank goodness). I quickly snapped this picture when I finished - I need to learn to take better photos. I think I might do a tute for making the gathers - I think they would look good on a regular dress/skirt too.
I have been making some cards too - very basic sew some fabric on type cards. I was planning to make patchwork-type ones, but this was much easier. They are going to be good to keep on hand rather than make the card at the last minute. I wasn't feeling very creative when I made them, but they will be handy for the moment until I am feeling more creative.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Space dye and dolly duds

I decided that the space dye that I did last week needed to be made up into a tracksuit. I finished it the other night but I ahve been waiting for some good weather to take a photo. Still overcast so I decided to take one anyway. It looks really good made up, so I plan to dye some more. I made up some nappies for Jalisa's dolly this morning. I overlocked the blue one the wrong way, so it is fleecy on the outside and smooth in the middle. Jalisa loves them and I think they would make a great present for a little girl, along with a little nappy bag or something.