Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shorter shorts

Even though it is school holidays, I managed to sew one garment this week. I did have a very busy three days helping run a camp at church and also caught up with a friend for lunch, shopping  and a movie. That is my excuse anyway.
 I have been meaning to make myself some shorter shorts for some time now. These are my tester pair to get a feel for wearing short shorts. I was thinking these would end up a little shorter but the fabric would not cooperate and looked  horrible every time I looked in the mirror.
 The pattern I have used it Burda #120 from 10/2005. An oldie but a goodie. I measured the shorts so they would be 47cm long when finished, but I think these sit lower and so are longer than I measured. I think in future I will cut it to a 42cm length.
 I have plans for a few more pairs of pants and this pattern worked out pretty well with using my pants block. I think I will trace a seperate pattern and make sure the hem are even when turned up. I ended up easing in the shorts because it was slightly tapered and therefore a little to short when turned in.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sorbetto in lace

Even though I was feeling a little burnt out (work and stresses at home) I decided to make my lace Sorbetto rather than hitting the couch on Friday.

The lace is underlined in a cotton broadcloth that I purchased at the same time as buying this lace.  Next time I underline, I will look in the other fabric store in town for a nicer underlining fabric. Underlining this lace was a lot trickier than my black and white Sorbetto as well as a yet to be blogged lace dress for my daughter. It stretched out and I had to recut it before I basted it to the underlining.
 I had meant to cut the fabric the other way but it deson't look so bad this way either. I only bought 1m so not enough to recut. I cut the top without the pleat.
 I finished the edges with bias binding on the inside. I prefer the binding on the inside but it does make it easier for my bra strap to show.
If I do decide to make the Sorbetto again, I will add some flutter "sleeves" I think, for a little more sun protection at work.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Am I the last one?

To sew a Sorbetto that is. This was the fabric I was willing to sacrifice to see how the pattern goes before committing to a lace version. This fabric is actually a sheer voile but I underlined it with cotton broadcloth so it would be work acceptable and because I don't like wearing singlets to work in our humid summer.

It is a fabulous fit and not a wrinkle at the back - which is always a plus. So on to the lace Sorbetto. Bring on the school holidays. I need more sleep.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Buttonholes in my dotty blouse

Apparently at the moment, Blogger does not like me on my work computer and Picasa will only let my post one picture at a time. I am still waiting for the computer shop to take the trojan horse off of my regular computer.

Here is a picture of a bound button hole that I did. The  picture also shows the fabric print better.
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Friday, September 07, 2012

Yellow spot blouse

I have had this Burda blouse (105 from 5/2008) traced for a while, but I only got around to making it up this week. I really love the pleated neckline finished with binding - it makes a nice change from the collared shirts I usually wear to work in warmer weather.
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I am not so keen on the fold up sleeves. They just look awkward. But seeing as the fabric is a sheer voile and I need a singlet underneath, it is more suitable as a transition piece anyway and the sleeve length is not too bad.

I used this blouse to practise my bound button technique.

The pattern actually has you make casing for the elastic but I just use shirring elastic. Probably not the best choice for this delicate fabric though.

Fingers crossed this post works. My poor computer is in the fix up shop and my work computer is not displaying blogger properly. I have uploaded the pictures using picasa instead.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Never trust a person with a sewing machine

They could do crazy things like make matchy shirts.