Monday, July 08, 2013

Snuggly blue jumper

I am still waiting for Winter to hit my city - I am such a wimp with the cold and require at least a coat by this time of year. I thought something new to wear to work would lift me out of my -the-holidays-are-too-short-I-don't-want-to-go-back-to-work mood I was in. Not sure if it was the new jumper or not, but I was actually happy and maybe a little bit excited about returning to work. I do actually enjoy teaching (love kids learning), just not the rush around in the morning and afternoon, preparing meals etc. And the commute.
My new jumper is a repeat of Jalie 2449, which I made last year. I used all of the same modications with the neckband as last time, as it really sits nicely at the back.

The fabric is a blue marle knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics online store (which has very exxy postage). And like my Jalie 2449 outfit from last year, this is a completely Jalie outfit again. Love those patterns

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A dress without an occasion

At the start of each school holidays, I write a list of things I want to do, what I want to clean and what I want to sew. I had found this black embroidered fabric just before the holidays started and thought it would make a good sheath dress so I added it to my list. Now normally, I wouldn't make a dress like this without a reason, but this time I just felt like making it. I am sure I am not alone with doing this, am I?
The fabric is a rayon polyester blend, probably with a touch of elastane. It is lightly embroidered and has a few sequins here and there (which my camera picks up as white). I used a pattern which I have used before - Burda magazine # 112 from 5/05 with the neckline from #110 from 12/01. Basically a princess lined sheath dress with a boat neck. I actually bought the fabric for both dresses at the same time. I did not imagine they would be made into the same pattern.
The dress is fully lined with a polyester lining fabric. I pinked all the shears after my last experience working with lining fabric.
I have a few projects to blog about, and seeing as this is only a knit top, I am tacking it on to the end of my dress post. This is  the gathered raglan sleeve from Burdastyle 2/13 (# 127). I vaguely remembered I had to shorten the hem based on the review by Fehr Trade but only did 5cm when it could have been triple that. I actually did not have enough fabric for full length sleeves though, so attempted a clumpsy 3/4 sleeve.
I  used the binding pattern provided by BS, but in my really stretchy fabric, it ended up being a touch too long and so my neckline is wider than intended or it doesn't sit flat. I love the colour though, it is a nice deep blue green cotton elastane fabric from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. I dithered and only got 1.5m but it would have been perfect for a dress had I have purchased more.