Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A dress without an occasion

At the start of each school holidays, I write a list of things I want to do, what I want to clean and what I want to sew. I had found this black embroidered fabric just before the holidays started and thought it would make a good sheath dress so I added it to my list. Now normally, I wouldn't make a dress like this without a reason, but this time I just felt like making it. I am sure I am not alone with doing this, am I?
The fabric is a rayon polyester blend, probably with a touch of elastane. It is lightly embroidered and has a few sequins here and there (which my camera picks up as white). I used a pattern which I have used before - Burda magazine # 112 from 5/05 with the neckline from #110 from 12/01. Basically a princess lined sheath dress with a boat neck. I actually bought the fabric for both dresses at the same time. I did not imagine they would be made into the same pattern.
The dress is fully lined with a polyester lining fabric. I pinked all the shears after my last experience working with lining fabric.
I have a few projects to blog about, and seeing as this is only a knit top, I am tacking it on to the end of my dress post. This is  the gathered raglan sleeve from Burdastyle 2/13 (# 127). I vaguely remembered I had to shorten the hem based on the review by Fehr Trade but only did 5cm when it could have been triple that. I actually did not have enough fabric for full length sleeves though, so attempted a clumpsy 3/4 sleeve.
I  used the binding pattern provided by BS, but in my really stretchy fabric, it ended up being a touch too long and so my neckline is wider than intended or it doesn't sit flat. I love the colour though, it is a nice deep blue green cotton elastane fabric from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. I dithered and only got 1.5m but it would have been perfect for a dress had I have purchased more.


  1. I am sure you will find an occasion to wear your black dress. I love the elegant boatneck and the fit looks perfect. The color on your new t-shirt is so pretty too!

  2. The neckline on that dress is gorgeous. I think I may have a pattern in my stash with a similar neckline that I am yet to try. I'm sure it won't take long to be hit with an occasion to wear your new dress. Enjoy the last few days of your holidays!

  3. You definitely are not alone with the 'sew-it-in-the-school-holidays' department! Your dress is beautiful and I am sure you will have somewhere lovely to wear it to soon. Saw you are planning on heading to the fabric sale at Sumner Park - may just see you there...J


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