Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got some sewjo back

Okay, so I might have my sewjo back but I still am having technical difficulties. I have put a non-sewing picture up first...Scott when he was messing around at dinner time. DH had made the potatoes super runny that day.
Okay, here is one of the dresses I have made the in the last couple of days. I whipped this one up this morning. Fabric is embroidered voile, pattern is Ottobre, Jalisa decided to get changed and wear this dress instead today.
Yesterday I made a dress using the tee pattern from last week (puffy sleeves). Jalisa wore that straight away too, and so has some dinner all over it before I could get a decent picture. And I could not be bothered to show the blouse and the romper that I finished. I have been making such boring stuff lately - it almost makes me feel down when I know I can create more intersting things, but I find being creative exhusting.

Friday, October 17, 2008

For those of you who asked for a picture

Here it is (maybe I should add to my fabric addict list - when you request to see other people's purchases :P) Not much to say - I got over 11 meters of a beige cotton knit, some pink cotton knit, some rayon knit, black stretch drill for cropped work pants and a little bit of voile which I will try to make into butterfly wings *maybe* for Jalisa for Christmas. I while I am writing a blog entry, I thought I should post some more sewing pictures. Mine are so boring because they don't contain any designer fabrics or exciting fabric combinations. This is a little puff sleeves Otto tee (#18 from 1/07) - fabric is hand dyed cotton lycra, pattern is easy peasy. I plan to use it for a little dress soon.
Cotton kimono robe for me. Pattern is from Burda WOF, but I can't remember the issue. Hopefully this will be good for when we go camping and have to use communal showers. Sash is from some marbled dyed fabric.

Another nightie, this time for me. The fabric is a spotted rayon knit (I started with like 12 metres of this stuff, so it is being used for many jammies). I used a vintage Kwik Sew pattern, #717. The pattern is actually a slip but I think it would make a really nice dress pattern for someone with some confidence. I don't really do spaghetti straps in public anymore. I think I am going to alter this to make a singlet pattern.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You know when you are a fabric addict when...

  • buying fabric becomes a hobby in itself
  • you go to de-stash some fabric and can't bear the thought of selling
  • you spend close to three hours in a car in the hope to snare some bargains at a chain store relocation sale

I only bought 21 metres though, at $1 a metre. I saved more money (over $150 if you base it on the original price) than I spent on fuel (less than $20). Hopefully it was worth the whinging from a little boy for half the trip.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lemonade and Strawberry ripple iceblocks anyone?

Ah, spring time. I love it when the sun starts to shine and it starts to feel like Summer should be. Oh course, where I live, it is always stinking hot in the Summer and not the most enjoyable season. So I will enjoy some Summer sewing while it is still pleasant.

I made these two dresses yesterday. I thought the seersucker would make a really nice light summer dress for Jalisa. When she tried it on though, it screamed nightie. *Sigh* I morphed a peasant top (Ottobre #16 from 1/07) with a dress (Ottobre #14 2/03). I was planned on adding shirring to the waist but will leave it like this for jammies.

The iceblock dress is Ottobre #14 (2/03) made up mostly to the pattern. I used an invisible zipper at the back and gathered the sleeves with shirring elastic rather than the narrow elastic. I also did not use bias to finish the rest of the sleeve - I just overlocked, folded down the seam allowance and topstitched.
The constrast frill and sleeves are some marble dyed fabric and Jalisa chose the fabric herself from Spotlight on our last visit. I feel like something is missing from the pattern - maybe a sash in the dyed fabric?