Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got some sewjo back

Okay, so I might have my sewjo back but I still am having technical difficulties. I have put a non-sewing picture up first...Scott when he was messing around at dinner time. DH had made the potatoes super runny that day.
Okay, here is one of the dresses I have made the in the last couple of days. I whipped this one up this morning. Fabric is embroidered voile, pattern is Ottobre, Jalisa decided to get changed and wear this dress instead today.
Yesterday I made a dress using the tee pattern from last week (puffy sleeves). Jalisa wore that straight away too, and so has some dinner all over it before I could get a decent picture. And I could not be bothered to show the blouse and the romper that I finished. I have been making such boring stuff lately - it almost makes me feel down when I know I can create more intersting things, but I find being creative exhusting.


  1. OH, that dress is so lovely! And look how big Scott is getting!

  2. Being creative is exhausting - that made me laugh Marie. You are always creative, even when you don't mean to be! Jalisa looks lovely, which pattern is it?

  3. wow that dress is lovely, and it only took you a morning to make? You are a fast sewer.

    Gill in Canada


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