Sunday, February 28, 2010

Curved panel pants - with a tutorial

After cutting out a few pairs of too big pants for DS (still not sure what went wrong) I wanted to add a little something to my basic Ottobre pattern that I had sitting around. Enter the curved panel pants.

First trace your pattern. Draw a line were you want you it. Add seam allowance to both sides - I do it at 1cm since that is my regular seam allowance.

Now you have to trace off your new piecces.
Since the patterns include a seam allowance, they should not match up nicely (only on the stitching line). It is really important to draw the grain line on all pieces.
Cut out as normal
Sew up the panel seams. I don't pin - you can see how it doesn't look like it is matched up at the seam edge...
but you manipulate the fabric around as you sew for a smooth seam.
Make sure you clip the seam so that it will lie flat.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colouring in cord

For awhile I have been thinking about a dye technique that would be easy like low water immersion but with soft smooth variations in colour. The idea was tested first in my trusty kitty litter tray (reserved for dyeing, no cat in this household) and some plain paper. On Friday there was a break in the weather so it was time to test my idea in full scale.

For this method, I use my tray and mixing up the dye like I would the shaving cream method. However, I make up a huge amount of the dye /shaving cream mixture, pour it into the tray and move the tray to creat soft mixes of the colour. It was a steep learning curve, since the ground wasn't flat and I hadn't worked out what the right dye+ shaving cream+water ratio was best.
It was a windy day too so I couldn't spread out my fabrics flat. Above is my favourite one. Pity it is the smallest piece.

I needed to mix up some more dye here. Too many blank areas.
I made two other pieces but I think they will be redyed. The depth of colour is low and the contrast minimal.
What do you think?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pink and jade Burda for me

You know, I am pretty low maintenance. I am pretty economical with my words (spoken and written). This is pretty much reflected in my infrequent posts and minimal pictures. I love seeing ones with full make up, hair done and coordinating shoes. Not here. I feel pretty good that I have managed to take some photos (with the help of a tripod).

First up is a dress that I made last year. It is two Burda patterns morphed together. I like the shoulder area of one dress but did not like it's sleek, sheath skirt portion. So I traced another dress pattern with a flared princess lined skirt.

I was looking a little sack - like until I used the seams and took it in, lots.
I can't remember if I showed this blouse from last year. It is the same pattern as this top
I made it with a white stretch poplin. I chose to use the collar and lapel option and a flat sleeve. I can't get the lapel to sit down though - the lapel piece is quite thin and with the lapel/interfacing + seam + facing/interfacing, it is quite thick with fabric.
I am wearing a new skirt that I know I haven't blogged yet - I finished it yesterday. Pattern is Burda, actually the same skirt pattern as my January Meme
However, between each panel I have added a godet (you know, a triangle). So it is lovely and swishy.
See, I told you it was swishy. Fabric is a cotton voile - lovely fabric to sew with.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sewing reviews

This is some of the sewing that I completed last year before we went away on holidays. They have been worn a fair few times but each time I wouldn't have time to get a picture or the batteries were flat or some other lame excuse.

First up is my TNT Burda yoked a-line skirt. I really like this fabric but did not buy much of it. Maybe I was buying it for Jalisa. I would have liked a dress from it, but had to settled on the skirt.
This is a dress from Burda WOF (6/2005 #123). I wanted to try something different for a change. The fabric that I chose did not pair well with the pattern. Too many seams cutting up the pattern.

The pattern was easy and went well together. I had to let out the side seams a little to skim more over my hips. Next time I will flare out the skirt portion when I am cutting out to make it a more flattering A-line shape.

Eek, I did not realise I looked like that from the back.
Thanks for looking.