Sunday, February 28, 2010

Curved panel pants - with a tutorial

After cutting out a few pairs of too big pants for DS (still not sure what went wrong) I wanted to add a little something to my basic Ottobre pattern that I had sitting around. Enter the curved panel pants.

First trace your pattern. Draw a line were you want you it. Add seam allowance to both sides - I do it at 1cm since that is my regular seam allowance.

Now you have to trace off your new piecces.
Since the patterns include a seam allowance, they should not match up nicely (only on the stitching line). It is really important to draw the grain line on all pieces.
Cut out as normal
Sew up the panel seams. I don't pin - you can see how it doesn't look like it is matched up at the seam edge...
but you manipulate the fabric around as you sew for a smooth seam.
Make sure you clip the seam so that it will lie flat.


  1. They looks great Marie, and thanks for the tutorial:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your tute Marie, these look great!


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