Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pink and jade Burda for me

You know, I am pretty low maintenance. I am pretty economical with my words (spoken and written). This is pretty much reflected in my infrequent posts and minimal pictures. I love seeing ones with full make up, hair done and coordinating shoes. Not here. I feel pretty good that I have managed to take some photos (with the help of a tripod).

First up is a dress that I made last year. It is two Burda patterns morphed together. I like the shoulder area of one dress but did not like it's sleek, sheath skirt portion. So I traced another dress pattern with a flared princess lined skirt.

I was looking a little sack - like until I used the seams and took it in, lots.
I can't remember if I showed this blouse from last year. It is the same pattern as this top
I made it with a white stretch poplin. I chose to use the collar and lapel option and a flat sleeve. I can't get the lapel to sit down though - the lapel piece is quite thin and with the lapel/interfacing + seam + facing/interfacing, it is quite thick with fabric.
I am wearing a new skirt that I know I haven't blogged yet - I finished it yesterday. Pattern is Burda, actually the same skirt pattern as my January Meme
However, between each panel I have added a godet (you know, a triangle). So it is lovely and swishy.
See, I told you it was swishy. Fabric is a cotton voile - lovely fabric to sew with.


  1. Gorgeous clothes, love them all. I really like the swishy skirt!

  2. Again - you're amazingly talenting. Love the swish in your skirt but think that the first dress is really wonderful. Bravo for combining two patterns. Your fabric choice is really bold and wonderful too.

  3. You are so talented Marie!! Beautiful creations as always :D I love seeing your blog posts.

  4. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I think your dress and skirt are absolutely gorgeous. Very inspiring!


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