Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of year post

As we will be busy with Christmas festivities and then going on our summer holiday, I am going to post a bit of a review of my sewing for the year.

I had a number of goals that I wanted to achieve this year. Here is my list, I am happy that I did quite a few of them. I did have a longer list than normal.
  1. Winter coats for both the kids Only sewed Jalisa' coat
  2. Flannelette PJs for both the kids Sewed PJs for Scott only
  3. Sew up something using some ugly fabric
  4. Jacket for me DONE
  5. Sew something from a vintage pattern and post on Sew Retro
  6. Little black dress for me DONE
  7. Black pants for me DONE
  8. Creative entry for the local show DONE
  9. Discharge dyeing DONE
  10. Tray dyeing using thickened dyed DONE
  11. Make 4 pairs of work pants for DH
  12. Make a body double DONE, just need to stuff it
  13. Trial 12 new patterns for me DONE, I managed 16
In 2010, with everything included, I sewed a total of 74 things. 33 things were for the kids (including clothes, undies and bags).

The unwritten goal I was aiming to do this year was to do a lot more 'me' sewing. This year I sewed up 41 items for me.

  • Dress = 5 (including 2 new patterns)
  • Skirts = 3 (1 new pattern)
  • Pants and shorts = 9 (5 new patterns)
  • Blouses, tees and cardigans = 11 (6 new patterns)
  • Jackets = 2 (2 new patterns)
  • PJs and undies = 11 (1 new pattern)

I think I met that goals. Overall I am pleased with all the sewing I have done this year.


  1. Way to go!!! Have a Merry Christmas and super fun holiday.

  2. Marie, totally impressive!!
    I need to do a little mama sewing next year!

  3. Awesome Marie! I should do something like this for next year :)


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