Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oi - the other outfit

Jalisa wore the other outfit to church last night - the matching hat was a hit too. The hat is an Ottobre one, the one you can download off their site.
It is hard taking photos of Jalisa, she moves faster than I can get the camera ready. I need more practice.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big day

Our new tent (double dome with three rooms and the awning is being order, and the store is selling it at $80 less than the RRP. So yay, more money for shadecloth. Next we drove down to the coast, along the old highway to pay for the rest of our camping holiday. Fish and chips in the breeze. Shopping for chairs and other assorted items in the AC (two deck chairs and two others chair +stools - mine hot pink - among some other stuff). We then visited DH's grandma and came home.

I am so excited about the new tent, we are so hoping camping will be much better this year with our improvements (bigger tent, more shade, better chairs).

Friday, October 27, 2006

Another outfit completed

I have just finished the other outfit, though I have to wait to post a pic because a)Jalisa is asleep and b) the camera batteries need recharging. We have some spare, not sure if they are charged on not.

This arvo I think I might work on another bag - with my peacock on it. Or maybe I will get sidetracked, who knows.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shop Update

This photo would not show up in my previous post, so it gets a post of its own. Watermelon set, size 1 is perfect for Summer. Don't forget the free post ends next Tuesday.

One outfit for Jay and the quiz

Back Front
You can't see that the dots on the fabric have circles (not always centred) in them, so I created a couple of simple appliques for the pants. The hat actually belongs to the other outfit, but it was sunny so and it coordinates nicely.
Jalisa has developed some nasty looking bruises from the fall, the poor mite. And she woke up wet and hungry (read - grumpy) after a 3.5 hour nap, hence the red nose effect from crying

Secret Santa Quiz (for eb buddy)
I have not copied and pasted, so answers may vary.
1. What's your favorite colour?
I like pinks but I also like jewel colours.

2. What's your favorite item to sew?
Skirts, tees and peasant tops
3. What items other people have made would you have loved to have done yourself?
cloth nappies/covers
4. What takes your fancy in the notions world? Rik Rack? Ribbons?
Love Pom Pom (Ball) fringe and mother of pearl buttons.
5. What is your fabric weakness?
Sale fabric and anything by Micheal Miller
6. What's one thing you haven't tried but would like to?
Handbags with separate handles, fabric dying
7. Are there any patterns that you like in particular?
Ottobre, burda and kwiksew
8. For how long have you been sewing?
more than half my life.
9. What size are your kids?
Jalisa is a 1.
10. Do you like quick projects or projects that take a little longer to finish?
Both. Quick are refreshing. Long projects give me satisfaction.
11. What do you hope to do with your sewing in the future?Selling/Sell more/keep as hobby etc/Design....?
See how my biz goes. My future will contain sewing in it. I would love study design or teach a class or write a sewing book.
12. What is your favourite time of year?
Autumn and Spring when it is neither hot nor cold
13. What is your favorite type of fabric?
Silk, rayon knit, cotton.
14. What is you least favourite fabric to sew with?
Polyester silkies
15. Do you have any christmas traditions?
We always see the Christmas lights, always go camping at Christmas but come home Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
16. What frustrates you about sewing?
when you can't buy some other the stuff that they have in the US (or for a resonable price) or when you can't find what you want at a price you want to pay.
17. What 'style' do you dress your children in/ which shop clothes do you try to imitate?
I don't dress Jalisa to a shop - I make whatever I like and that is usually many styles.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It seems funny now but my adventure yesterday caused a lot of stressed. A wheel went missing on my shopping trolley and as I stopped to get one of the last things I needed, the trolley fell over, with Jalisa hitting her head on the way down. After many tears and screams and a ride in the ambulance, it turns out that the only thing wrong is that I have to redo my shopping.

Spent the rest of the day surfing the internet, cutting and sewing (watched a bit of tv and loaded the dishwasher too). Jalisa's summer outfits are partially completed, so no photos until they are done.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Restrained and proud

Usually I am the one in line with a shopping trolley full of fabric. I only got 2 metres at a total of $12...I was looking for some fairly undistintive looking fabrics to pair with ones I have at home - the plan for these is to make Jay some more shirred tops or dresses and coordinating pants and/or hats with some funky applique.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

This is what I meant Andrea - I should have looked at some instructions before making another bag...I just did a square bottom bag from memory and couldn't visualise how to make it square at the top. This is how.
I took this photo yesterday. Jalisa cracks me up with the stuff that she does. I have no idea where she got the safety glasses, but she loves wearing them.
This is what we did this morning. DH was doing some work on BIL's loader and we went to watch...sorta. This arvo we have a BBQ at nephew's new piece of land, then my friend is popping in after work and after church tonight we are going over to another friend's to play board games. I am tired already.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fun friday

On our list of things to buy for camping at Christmas 06/07, we had written bags for clothes. I suppose we wrote that as we did not have enough room in Wayne's camping bag for his clothes plus mine as well as Jalisa's. We needed more, lots more. So this bag is my trial.

I was going to put a zipper at the top, which restricted the size but decided not to as I couldn't visualise what I needed to do. The fabric is leftover from my curtains which I have not made into computer/overlocker covers, as intended. (Hmm, I do seem to write I will do something, forget and then do something else...I am just forgetful or change my mind!)

I then thought I would make another bag, but started with an embellishment. I actually drew this bird a while back, and inspired by Ingrid's birdie softies and applique tee, got out the drawing, vliesfix and assorted remnants and did the applique in a really simple way (i.e stitch the outline) seeing as it will go as a patch on the outside of a bag and thus won't be washed too much.

I did manage to do the dishes, a load of laundry and tidy/vacuum the house. I will be mowing when DH gets home, so glad I slipped in a bit of sewing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

100 posts

Pretty busy day with working (argh, I dislike relief working for the teacher that goes to half a dozen classes - it feels like you don't make any difference). I decided to stop in at an op shop and bought an adult smock pattern, some buttons (yay, they had loads of them) and a book on having a second child.

Fabric store next, as it is just a walk under the trainline and across the road form the op shop. I decided to treat myself to a kwik sew pattern, as they were 25% off. Plus I picked up a US flag printed fabric to make a bag for a present for Cindy who is getting married next month and moving to the US and some white poplin to make more bloomers for Aquaberry.

I thought this pattern would be good as a dress - it was a toss up between a few patterns, since I haven't bought a new pattern in ages (years now I think) but did not want to go overboard with buying. I have some rayon elastane that I might use soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Butterfly overalls

I love this butterfly print - it was a bargain buy at SL last year. Jalisa had a pair of bib overalls in it last yearat 6 months - I started to make this pair intending to sell it last year but did not end up finishing it until this year and now it will fit Jalisa. I have used this print also to make up samples of new patterns that I have drafted, so it feels like an old friend.

Worked on a couple of things yeaterday. One girl's outfit needs some buttons (still need to buy those) and some boys shorts needs the elastic in them.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Advent inspiration

I think it was Cass that mentioned advent calenders over on EB...I thought I would see what the web had to offer in terms of inspiration. This one came from a chain store but I actually like it. Each day you hang a decoration on the tree. This would be a fun thing to do with Jalisa each day. Yes, I like the concept and if I get around to making a calender, I think I want it to contain a decoration rather than chocolate.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just a lazy day.

Another lazy weekend in the leadup to Christmas...kinda. We went over to SIL's so DH could help set up for their outdoor movie-night tonight. Tomorrow I teach Sunday school and then over to friend's house for makeup and hair trial. But can laze this arvo when I have my materials for tomorrow morning prepared.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Progress report

I think I ended up cutting out three tees and 3 singlets, all in the white except for a striped singlet. I have been making appliques to make them different, but I like them plain too as I pair them with overalls.

This is a couple of the other appliques that I have started/finished but have to make up the tees/singlets. I feel very productive sewing wise today, and it is still early.

Friday the 13th?

Last night we ended up going out to the shops, dressed in our around the house gear. We only had to pick up a couple of things (plastic dinner mat, Windex) and ended up purchasing Jalisa’s Christmas presents and a couple of books and this.

I have never had place to stow all of my sewing gear, apart from an old cosmetics case - I just hadn’t bothered to look around for something cheaper than the “sewing boxes” covered in *not my style* fabric prints. I saw some really cute pink boxes but they were way too big. I ended up picking out a large, flat food continer but then we saw these tackle boxes. Yes, it's a kids fishing tackle box!

It is big enough to hold my rotary cutter and scissors but small enough to fit in the space where I like to have my stuff. And it’s pink, my favourite colour.

Today I am planning to do lots of sewing for Jalisa...she needs some tees and singlets so I hope I don't get side-tracked.

On another note, I am so proud of Jalisa - she found this puzzle in all my teaching stuff and it obsessed with it and she knows where all the pieces go. So proud.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vintage patterns

These are the patterns I picked up in Toowoomba. Someone must have been cleaning out their pattern stash as there was a bunch there for 20c each. I did not realise the price otherwise I would not have been so restrained!

I met up with an old friend who I haven't seen in forever, and we had a good catch up. Thanks Wendy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meet penelope the elephant

Penelope arrived yesterday in the post - I had totally forgotten what might be coming and was clueless to what might be in the package. Jalisa loves her, as you can see.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Aquaberry is open

Mark Skaife is out of Bathurst for 2006 back the good news is Aquaberry is now open. There is free postage for the rest of the month of October.

Wayne has challenged me to look at stocking more boys clothing so I will look at that soon. I have to draft up patterns for shirts but I am thinking of making a jumpsuit type outfit, kinda like work overalls. Takes me so long to do those patterns.

Also if you have your own store, I will happily link it to the store.

I love batik

I think it looks so summery. I took this picture last week but I always forget to add pictures to my blog (btw I am so ashamed I used to upload huge files and it took forever so I am relieved I figured out how to reduce the size).

Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my shop - makes my day.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bathurst widow

Dh will be watching Bathurst all weekend, which is fine if I didn't want him to take some pics for me. Maybe I can squeeze it out of him. I would like to have the store open on Monday but I need the photos for that.

And I am still waiting for my labels. What is the deal when a company is quick to charge the cc but slow to post the item. Hopefully they are not lost in the system.

On a non sewing note, it is one of my neiece's birthdays again tonight...I will have to print up some cards today at some stage to take along...totally forgot for my neice last week.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Aquaberry is *not* officially open but here are a couple of things that will be for sale from Aquaberry.

I felt extremely clever when I figured out last night why the pictures were not uploading (fle too big) and how to reduce the photos (picture manager).

When open, there will be free postage on all in stock when it does open (i.e when I finish taking the photos and load them up).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Here is a picture of me, taken a few months ago. I rarely have my picture taken...we usually forget to take the camera with us! My hair is a shade or two darker now.

Busy trying to get my act together with Aquaberry - so much hard work is going into this, it is exciting to see the results thus far. Not ready to launch yet - there are no pics up!