Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th?

Last night we ended up going out to the shops, dressed in our around the house gear. We only had to pick up a couple of things (plastic dinner mat, Windex) and ended up purchasing Jalisa’s Christmas presents and a couple of books and this.

I have never had place to stow all of my sewing gear, apart from an old cosmetics case - I just hadn’t bothered to look around for something cheaper than the “sewing boxes” covered in *not my style* fabric prints. I saw some really cute pink boxes but they were way too big. I ended up picking out a large, flat food continer but then we saw these tackle boxes. Yes, it's a kids fishing tackle box!

It is big enough to hold my rotary cutter and scissors but small enough to fit in the space where I like to have my stuff. And it’s pink, my favourite colour.

Today I am planning to do lots of sewing for Jalisa...she needs some tees and singlets so I hope I don't get side-tracked.

On another note, I am so proud of Jalisa - she found this puzzle in all my teaching stuff and it obsessed with it and she knows where all the pieces go. So proud.

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