Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bathurst widow

Dh will be watching Bathurst all weekend, which is fine if I didn't want him to take some pics for me. Maybe I can squeeze it out of him. I would like to have the store open on Monday but I need the photos for that.

And I am still waiting for my labels. What is the deal when a company is quick to charge the cc but slow to post the item. Hopefully they are not lost in the system.

On a non sewing note, it is one of my neiece's birthdays again tonight...I will have to print up some cards today at some stage to take along...totally forgot for my neice last week.


  1. Hey, I just checked out your aquaberry website - looks so cool!

    I think its awesome what you're doing.


  2. Thanks Sam...nothing on what you are doing though!


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