Monday, August 31, 2009

Spent some time sewing...

How can three weeks have gone by since I last posted? Shocking. I have been sewing, but I haven't really finished anything until this weekend.

First I made myself a blouse. It is from my Burda WOF - there are a few different options to make the top different. You can have flouncey sleeves or little cap sleeves. You can have a collar or have a reverse facing. I used a red rayon/polyester that I found on clearance. It has a nice sheen and I just wanted to test the pattern.

Summer has arrived early, so I whipped up some shorts for Scott. I used my old faithful Kwik Sew shorts and added an extension to make a mock fly and Ottobre patch pockets.

I started this a while back when it was actually cold. We like to snuggle under blankets and watch TV and I thought it would be nice to have something other than the plain blue ones that we have in the cupboard. Jalisa wanted rainbow colours, so I hand dyed the fabrics. The recipe I used made vivid colours, so you kinda need sunglasses when looking at it. Yes, the panels are meant to be uneven. The idea seemed good in my head...
I probably broke a heap of quilting "rules." See, I don't like quilting. Dyeing the fabric, yes. Cutting the fabric, yes. Piecing the fabric, yes. Binding, yes. Laying layers on top of each other, egh. Quilting, yuck. Even just straight lines I am really bad at doing. I also only used, shock horror, polar fleece as a backing and no wadding. I ended up dyeing too much fabric in FQs so not enough for my "quilt" and the backings. Whatever.
It is a really windy day, so this was the best photo I could is not that uneven. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I am so rude...

I participated in a survey at snailblazer and my name was drawn out - Cass sent me some fab goodies including her traveller (which has come in very handy). So sorry that it has taken me so long, but thank you again Cass for such a great package. Here is my trophey from the State finals of the cotton creations. I came second for my red Bellville Sassoon dress. Check out the shears that I won - they are positively huge compared to my others. The gift voucher will be spent soon I expect.
I have have huge plans for next year, and I have decided I need to start soon and get some entries made this year. By the time the show arrives at Ipswich, I am generally in full swing with sewing the kids' winter wardrobes. Next year I will be schooling Jalisa too so I will have even less time.