Sunday, June 15, 2014

Discos and sequins

My daughter had an invitation to a party and she needed an outfit with sequins. It was a disco party after all. We found the perfect fabric at Spotlight, a navy mesh covered in silver and navy sequins.

How hard could it be, I thought. It should take 30 minutes, maybe a little longer if I include cutting. I wanted a simple tank style dress, fully lined to hide all the threads. I used an Ottobre t-shirt pattern as the basis, lengthened and flared, added a back seam, omitted the sleeves. This is the dress I ended up with, but more than 4 hours later.

Apparently sewing over sequins is a big no no for my overlocker. It chucked a nana after 2cm of sewing, snapping the needle several times and letting it fly towards my eye. Only at that time did I recall thinking I had seen people unpicking sequins in the seam allowance. It took FOREVER to unpick all those suckers but my princess needed to wear something.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Fabric sale haul

Summer Flies recently posted of another designer fabric sale. This is the third time I have gone and I wasn't disappointed. (2013 sale, 2012 sale)

2m of the pink to make a skater style dress.

I  bought the lace for a special occasion dress. I am thinking of dyeing it first. I bought 2m.

2m of this for a jacket.

I intend to use this for pants. 2m again.
There was only 1m left of the bolt. I think it may be enough for a cardigan.
This was a remnant, so I wasn't able to tell how much there was before buying. There is at least 65cm plus a little extra not the full width.
There was 1m here. I think I will make shorts.

This remnant was 1.8m. I think I have enough for a sheath dress.

This year I am making no promise to use up the fabric before the next sale, like I did last year. The sale was on in August last year, and so far I have managed to sew up 8.05m of the 14.55m purchased (mostly unblogged)