Monday, June 09, 2014

Fabric sale haul

Summer Flies recently posted of another designer fabric sale. This is the third time I have gone and I wasn't disappointed. (2013 sale, 2012 sale)

2m of the pink to make a skater style dress.

I  bought the lace for a special occasion dress. I am thinking of dyeing it first. I bought 2m.

2m of this for a jacket.

I intend to use this for pants. 2m again.
There was only 1m left of the bolt. I think it may be enough for a cardigan.
This was a remnant, so I wasn't able to tell how much there was before buying. There is at least 65cm plus a little extra not the full width.
There was 1m here. I think I will make shorts.

This remnant was 1.8m. I think I have enough for a sheath dress.

This year I am making no promise to use up the fabric before the next sale, like I did last year. The sale was on in August last year, and so far I have managed to sew up 8.05m of the 14.55m purchased (mostly unblogged)


  1. Great haul Marie! I would kill for that fuchsia sweater knit... well actually it all looks great. Even though I would have gone if my car wasn't running badly (in for tune up on Wednesday) I don't need any fabric - but that's not why we go is it! Holidays coming up maybe you'll get time to blog some of those makes.

  2. Wow -- lovely finds!


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