Friday, March 20, 2009

Swap goodies

Boy do I love swaps...Jalisa is starting to love them too. Her she is modelling the outfit sent to us by Natalie.
Hmm, what to say. Lots of girly goodness going on here - rickrack, ribbon, applique, shirring - this outfit has the lot. Patterns are Ottobre, I recognised them immediately. The outfit is topped off with some gorgeous bows and clips. Jalisa loves these. No doubt they are available from Natalie's shop.

Onto Scott (aka grumpy pants)
Isn't this gorgeous too. Joy has appliques the dinosaur on her embroidery machine. I love the combination of coloured that were used - very noice. There is some more applique on the back.

The workmanship of both outfits is amazing - the topstitching is perfect, the finishing is done well...thank you both so much from all of us here

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am so not getting sick of the swirls

...though the sickly lemon-y smell of the shaving cream does my head in a little.

The pink on the left is the first "print" and then I recycle the foam and reuse as the base for some more swirls. The swirls aren't as clear but then again, I did not leave these ready-made tees on the dye for as long as I normally do.

After seeing me swirl dye some singlets for Scott (which worked okay by the way), Jalisa requested some of her own. Now, all of her singlets have been dyed on a previous occassion so I thought I could dye up some plain cotton knit and make them into singlets for her.
Pattern is Ottobre 4/04, number 33. Very straightforward, easy pattern but there is a printing error in my copy. The pattern said to trace green patterns on sheet E, but it is actually sheet F.