Friday, March 20, 2009

Swap goodies

Boy do I love swaps...Jalisa is starting to love them too. Her she is modelling the outfit sent to us by Natalie.
Hmm, what to say. Lots of girly goodness going on here - rickrack, ribbon, applique, shirring - this outfit has the lot. Patterns are Ottobre, I recognised them immediately. The outfit is topped off with some gorgeous bows and clips. Jalisa loves these. No doubt they are available from Natalie's shop.

Onto Scott (aka grumpy pants)
Isn't this gorgeous too. Joy has appliques the dinosaur on her embroidery machine. I love the combination of coloured that were used - very noice. There is some more applique on the back.

The workmanship of both outfits is amazing - the topstitching is perfect, the finishing is done well...thank you both so much from all of us here


  1. These are gorgeous.
    Jalisa looks so pleased with her new clothes - doesn't that make it all worthwhile Natalie. The outfit is lovely.
    Scott's is fabulous Joy - I love the 'roar' on the back of the pants!

  2. Awww thanks so much for the modeled photos Marie. I think I made the top a big too big unfortuneately though, or maybe I needed to tighten the neckline a little.... I haven't made many knit tops so still stuggle a bit with the binding etc... I tried to talk Jai into trying it on for me, but he said that he couldn't as it was pink lol.

  3. Ooppps, forgot to say how much I love the outfit Joy made too!!!! All the appliqueing is just adorable. Fantastic job Joy!

  4. They look adorable!
    Well done Joy and Natalie, and lucky you Marie, everything looks fabulous!

  5. Oh My look at all the girly ribbons and frills, how lovely, and I love Scott's outfit :heart: the applique on the back it just to cute!

  6. Marie some great outfits there and I loved the coat you made, well done

  7. You are so lucky to get Joy's sewing - I've been eying off the sneak peeks of that one all along. Might have to make something similar for my DS!
    Jalisa looks very pleased - that bow hair clip is just perfect!
    Good score all round.

  8. They are both wonderful, you lucky girl Marie. I just love the pinkness of J's and the roarness of S's. When Joy posted the sneak peek I was trying to work out who had a son starting R - I was way out!
    Love the new blog title background too.

  9. Haha Andrea - that was what I was trying to make you wonder... *evilgrin*


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