Monday, September 22, 2008

I love dog prints

Here is Scott's birthday outfit, not modelled because I was way to impatient to wit until he woke up. I used the woven romper pattern from Ottobre 2/2005 (#5 ).

The only modification I made was to get rid of the back flap - Scott is a nightmare to change at the moment (must hold a book or something to stop the kicks and rolls) so I did not think an opening at the back would cut it when I am in a hurry. (I should try it one day though, as I might find it easier that way, but it appears as though you have to stick their legs back in and that did not seem practical). To make the lower back into one piece, you just have to trace one part and then overlap where the opening would normally go. I added a little extra to the front and back lower pieces so I could put snaps in there.

I was really pleased with this pattern - the sleeves were looking like they would be too big but they were exactly the right length - no gathering needed. The pattern is really easy to put together - just lots of topstitching.

If I were to do this pattern again (already have one half sewn) I would choose a plain fabric rather than a print - you cannot see all the wonderful topstitching on a print whereas a plain fabric would highlight the topstitching and seams better, showing all your hard work.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy birthday Scooter

So mad at myself for not taking more photos - actually, these were taken by my friend Anna.

Here is the birthday cake - Wayne did the decorating and this was the best cake I have made - the cake and icing tasted so yummy.

It ended up storming all night so the house was a mess
as party stuff was placed willy-nilly and then shoved out the way so people could eat their BBQ dinner - ah well. The kids and I are all wearing Mama made - I will have to do a review of Scott's outfit because it is a new Ottobre pattern (for me).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some boyish duds

First up is this Ottobre singlet pattern (I size up because it is really tight otherwise) from 2/2005 (or free from their site) in a red lacoste knit. It is paired with some cotton check pants. I used a very simple long shorts pattern so as not to mess up lining up the checks with pockets etc...the fabric is kinda funny in that it has some parts of the check woven tighter or something, so that it has a light texture to it.
Next up is this unfinished romper. I am waiting for DH to draw a car to applique on and I still have to apply the snaps, but I felt like taking a picture of it. Fabric is hand dyed - meant to be mottled. Thank goodness DH has developed a liking for dyed items - I thought it would be too hippy-ish for his tastes but he is digging the dyed stuff I have done. I heart him. This is another curved raglan tee from Ottobre 2/2005 morphed onto a romper from Kwik Sew (any would do!)
Under the sea print using an easy long shorts pattern. Again I did not want extra seams and pockets affecting the look of the print - which is big and loud. I think this took all of 15 minutes all up.

My favourite short pattern - another Ottobre (2/03 I think). With a faux fly, back yoke and bellow pockets, it takes a little more time but the results speak for themselves I think. I can't help buying dog prints at the moment. This pair is destined to be a present for a little boy - Scott is going to have overalls in this print.

I have a few more projects cut but next up I will have to make a birthday outfit for Scott...he is one on Saturday.