Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can't have enough pants - my cheater moment

I have been wanting to try these pants for some time. I have made the pattern up as shorts (well, long shorts) but not the full length with the flare. I love my flares. These pants have been muslined and adjusted (shifted the back legs towards the centre a la Sew-4-Fun, added length to side seams). It seemed to make a real difference at the muslin stage, but I can't see any real difference in the real thing - well, I will explain later.

Front view
 Back view
Everything was pretty much straight forward, apart from not having made pants like this for a while and stretching my brain on the waistband/fly front/pocket order and treatment. The faced yoke is a little more tricky when it comes to inserting the fly than a regular waistband - I would prefer to sew the waistband onto the pants as a whole but you need to sew it on to the front and then back and then sew the side seams later, because of the pockets.

Now, have a look at the problem I have been trying to remedy. The diagonal lines under my butt. Blah.

Well, I can correct the problem without changing the pattern I have found - I just stick my butt out a little bit. Just a little. I tend to stand with my hips tilted forward which creates all sorts of wrinkles. I am still trying to figure out if I am cheating (and just need to learn to stand a different way) because I can't seem to get the wrinkles out any other way. Any opinions?