Monday, January 21, 2013

More of the same

This is getting embarrassing. I have made yet another pair of shorts. From the same pattern. Not a current or trendy pattern mind you. Just an old Burda magazine one. In life, when I find something I like, I stick with it and sewing is not much different.

The fabric is a wool plaid which I picked up at The Fabric Store last Wednesday. Sewn up yesterday in time to wear back to work.

I tend not to go for plaid since it can be a nightmare to match up. I cut the pattern peices individually so that I could best match up the lines. Instead of consulting my sewing reference I just dove in and thought I would cut the waistband on the bias grain.
Once again I finished the facing with voile cut on the bias. I did mean to change the bobbin thread to white to blend with the fabric, but as you can see I forgot too.

My next project is not going to be shorts, but I am not finished with this pattern forever. I really want to make a yellow pair but I need to find the right fabric first.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing nemesis: curved waistbands

Do other people have a sewing nemesis? I am sure I have a few but the one on my mind is a curved waistband. It doesn't matter how many times I have sewn one, I am always left thinking I could have done a better job. Generally it is lumpy bits where the seams intersect or the waistband facing seems to grow in some places.
 I have sewn up yet another hybrid Jalie 2805/2806 tee in a Crafty Mamas printed cotton lycra (purple colourway) and Burda #120 10/05 altered with my pants block and shortened to above knee length. This time in a gorgeous charcoal linen fabric that I bought at a nearby fabric sale.
 This is the best backview I have had. The only wrinkles of from the linen itself.
 For the waistband, I actually followed most of the directions from Tany's excellent blog.  This involved reading the instructions rather than just scanning the pictures. Of course, my waistband is slightly different, but it is mainly the seam technique. I actually trimmed the seam allowance before applying a some bias binding (voile fabric instead of bias organza). Now normally my edge is either flush with the seam but lumpy at the side seams (as I fold the seam allowances of the facing under) or it is a little wonky as some parts of the facing hang a little longer (for reasons unknown to me). Using a thinner fabric to bind the edge has reduced the lumps somewhat (next time I also need to remember to clip the corners more before overlocking) and since I pinned the facing to the seam edge, the facing is even for once.
 Pictures always look better when my daughter is with me.