Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whoops, I traced the pattern incorrectly and it is missing a zipper. Yay, it still fits (even if it is a tight squeeze to get on)

Whoops, there is a huge smudge on the camera lens. Yay, this is my own draft of a peasant to so that I don't need a zipper.

The only thing I have left on this blouse is the buttonholes and buttons. But the top is so unflattering. The sleeves are supposed to be puffy and they are, slightly. And the pleats make it look maternity. I am not happy with the collar style on me. The pattern itself looks fab. Maybe I can save it. I need help.
Yay - some undies that fit DD. Traced off a RTW pair, I added more height and the waist and bound the seams. They fits wonderfully well.

There is not picture of the whoops vintage style undies that could be mistaken for a parachute.