Sunday, April 22, 2007

Marie Clair blouse

I love the simplicity of this blouse - it is #14 from Ottobre Winter 06. The fabric actually has marie clair embossed at regular intervals, though it did not show up in the picture. I used some mother of pearl buttons - they are my favourite. The pattern had a couple of really groovy techniques - the mitred corners are really cool.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

150 posts

Made two more pairs of jammie pants yesterday, while Jalisa slept.

I think I need to start *bribing* Jalisa to pose, or practice more. It took a long time to get these pictures

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This morning's work

I took a break from the coat (up to handstitching and was not really in the *mood*). I started making some white thread garments from the to do pile, but ended up finishing one peasant top:
and nearly finishing some PJ pants (need to measure Jalisa).
I love quick projects- make me feel refreshed and accomplished.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trouble with WIP (Coat)

So the lining pattern was drafted too short. Like 5.5cm too short. It took me making two lining to figure this out - must have been too tired or something because alarm bells should have been ringing when I could see that it didn't look long enough ( I think I tricked myself, since I was able to get the seam at the front facing looking right without any stretching).

Anyway, here was the problem:
Way too short!
See the purple lining. That was were the lining ended with the original pattern draft. My measuring gizmo show you how much the hem it turned up.
So the new lining that I cut out is in exactly the right spot, 1 cm above the hem foldline.
I am not sure whether or not to write an email to Ottobre about it or not.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

WIP - coat

I thought I would post a report on the WIP, since I am feeling dizzy from all the sewing. Back is sewn. Front is sewn. Pockets and side seams are sewn. Sleeves are sewn but need to be attatched. Ditto on the collar.
I kinda forgot to sew the faux pocket flats in - this is where they go...
I dont' think it makes a huge difference to the design. Two less buttonholes to do as well.
I have also cut the lining so things are well on line for it being made in time for next month's show.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Coat work in progress

This is going to be Jalisa's Winter coat. It is from Ottobre 5/2006, #24.

I found this fabric in an op shop and I really have no idea what sort of fabric it would be. I also don't really know how old it is either. For those reasons, I decided underlining it with a thin batting would ensure it was warm as well as give the fabric some support - it frays fairly easily.

So far I have sew most pieces of batting to the shell fabric. I have also sewn the collar, pocket flaps and back. It was only after I had sewn it that I thought I could have cut the panels to ensure the weave matched really well. But live and learn.
Here is the inside view (so far). It will be actually lined with a fluffy pink sweater knit.
Undecided whether I will attempt to make bound buttonholes. If the coat turns out pretty good I will enter it into the local show.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Black slinky maternity pants

I used my favourite Burda yoked/cropped pants pattern to make this maternity version from a slinky knit. I made no alterations to the pattern at all, apart from adding some elastic to keep the pants up. Being slinky, the ended up a bit longer than the pattern - but since Winter is approaching that is a good thing!

I might have to see if I have any more knit fabrics that I can turn into maternity pants. These are so comfy to wear and easy to make.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amatuer hour (aka I dislike rib knit)

I had finished this baby gown AGES ago, but I felt it needed some applique on it. I struggled for days trying to find a good picture of a frog to copy or to think of a word.
Anyway, I should have looked at the signs and left in plain. It was fine as it was, really. But no. It did not matter that I lost the words that I had traced onto the webbing - I could trace it again after I finished pulling out my hair. It did not matter that I did not have a suitable woven to applique to - I could use the very stretchy rib knit that the gown was made from. It did not matter that it was almost impossible to get to sew the *patch* in the place I wanted - or that it would stretch and slide all over. Argh.
So I am happy that it is done - it is better than in the UFO pile I suppose.