Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trouble with WIP (Coat)

So the lining pattern was drafted too short. Like 5.5cm too short. It took me making two lining to figure this out - must have been too tired or something because alarm bells should have been ringing when I could see that it didn't look long enough ( I think I tricked myself, since I was able to get the seam at the front facing looking right without any stretching).

Anyway, here was the problem:
Way too short!
See the purple lining. That was were the lining ended with the original pattern draft. My measuring gizmo show you how much the hem it turned up.
So the new lining that I cut out is in exactly the right spot, 1 cm above the hem foldline.
I am not sure whether or not to write an email to Ottobre about it or not.


  1. the coat looks fab! i wonder (without reading the instructions) if the lining is actually right - most of my coats with that style have the lining ad LOT shorter than the outer layer, with it folded up on the inside and stitched to the lining probably a good 4-5 cm from the bottom. but definitely send them an email so they know that either they're wrong or haven't been clear enough.

    PS: this is brazen ;o)

  2. Happy to see that you have worked out the problem. I think that you should email Ottobre, I know other patterns companies often have corrections on their websites, and sometimes put them in future magazine editions. I can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. Karen - I know what you mean but as the instructions specifically say that the lining should fall to 1cm above the fold up line of the hem, it simply wasn't the case this time.


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