Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kwik Sew 3472 - another green knit dress

There are some really cute Lady Skater dresses out there in the blog world. I was going to give the pattern a go when I saw the line drawing and recalled a Kwik Sew pattern that has been in my pattern stash for years. I can't even recall when I bought this it was that long ago.
Kwik Sew 3472 has two views. View A is a turtleneck, long sleeved, longer skirt version. I made view B, the half sleeved, shorter skirt with the jewel neck. Obviously you can mix up the views as you like.

I used a rayon elastane knit which my coverstitch hated. I actually had to sew strips of fabric to beef up the sleeve hemlines, so that it would not skip the stitches. I actually left the hem raw because I did not want to have the same problem with the hem.


Below is how the pattern sewed up. What a let down. the pattern is described as having a drop waist, but it was not was I was envisioning.
I sought feedback from the ladies over at the Crafty Mamas Forum who suggested taking in the side seams as well raising the waist seam and taking up the hem. Well, first I chopped 10cm off the bottom hem before deciding to bite the bullet and cut the waist seam out, shorten the bodice, reduce the width and reattach the skirt. Hardly rocket science, I just prefer to unpick and keep the integrity of the pattern as much as possible. The side seams of the skirt had to be fudged to match up with the smaller bodice piece.

I will be transferring the changes to the pattern for next time though, it ended up being a great little dress for work althought it was a little windy today. This is how I wore it to work.


  1. Oh very stylish Marie. Once you've lived through drop waists you never want to see them again. Your changes made a lovely dress. Love the green.

  2. Good changes and nice frock

  3. Good save on that dress!

  4. Nice save on the dress; it looks a thousand times better with your changes. It does look like the Lady Skater dress, so good thing you found the pattern in your stash!

  5. Oh yes, the new version looks really nice and sweet, the flippy skirt is so flattering :)

  6. The alterations you made look great, the original dress did nothing for you!


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