Sunday, August 11, 2013

I feel like a fabric hog

Summer Flies from her Sew Darn Tired blog recently posted about a fabric sale being held in Brisbane. I managed to sneak down after work on the first day of the sale and here is my loot.
 Black and grey knit - ponte I think. I wanted 2m but there was only 1.2m left on the roll. I will have to think of how best to use this. 
 Yellow linen. This has been on my list for ages, I haven't found any all year until now. I got a little over 1m - I want to make shorts.

1m of a black and grey wool blend. Again, this was the last on the roll. It was an end of roll kind of sale, the business actually making clothing. I will make a skirt out of this.
 A little of 2m of this green crushed knit. This will be a dress.
2m of green sweater knit. I wanted sweater knits and I got heaps. Obviously this will be some type of jumper.

Birdcage print knit - 2m. Oh look, there are peacocks on there too. The print is quite large scale. I am thinking a dress or maybe a skirt.
 Now, the remnent table. It was choc a block full of yummy fabrics. I picked up 1.4m+ of a lovely blue sweater knit. Enough for a jumper. That was $10.
 There was about 1.4m of this black textured sweater knit. Will be some type of jumper, maybe a cardigan. $5 for this piece.

 1.3m+ of this purple marle sweater knit. $10 for this piece too.
 I picked up this gorgeous purple sweater knit for $3, but it is only 50cm at its narrowest, and 85cm at the widest. I think I might make a little cropped vest.
The last remnent was 60cm for this yellow textured fabric. I have no idea whether it is a knit or a woven, but I am making it into a scarf. So bright and cheery.

So that is my haul. I had a lovely chat with the lady working there. I only sewed 1 piece that I bought last year, but my goal is to sew all pieces before the next sale. All up 14.55m.


  1. Oh great haul. I went Friday so none of that stripe left, in fact there was nothing of yours there on Friday except the remnant of the birdcages and peacocks knit. After end August when my other thing is out of the road, I shall be sewing for New Zealand, job clothes (in the hope I get one) and then Melbourne. Lucky us!

  2. Lovely fabrics, happy sewing!

  3. Oh I've got that birdcage print too. I bought mine in a designer fabric sale in Adelaide...

    1. Have you made yours up yet? It is quite a large scale and I wondered if it would look wierd as a dress. I will have a look on your blog.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics, but that's a pretty big call to sew it all up by next year! Good luck with that.... I was in Brisbane the weekend before this sale, next year I will time my visit better and take a spare bag LOL

    1. Haha, yes, it was a big call. Especially as most of it is for cool weather and the weather is heating up around here.


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