Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bellville Sassoon gown

I finally have finished something to post about - one of my entries for the show. The pattern is Vogue 1031, a Bellville Sassoon design. It was chosen based on the look of the finished product as well as it's difficulty (rated advanced). I also thought that the design would work well in a cotton based fabric, which is a requirement for entering in the competition.

I have used a red cotton poplin. I can't remember if it has a touch of elastane in it as well. Here is the front:

The back ( couldn't check my rear view, so pleats are a little weird)

The side
From reading the instructions, I wasn't sure exactly why it was given an advanced rating but after completing it, I now know. Each piece looks like a squiggle, it is very hard to tell each piece from the next and look at all the pleating. It comes together beautifully, it is just time consuming.
If I get into the state finals, I am going to have a beaded hairclip and necklace made up.