Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks Dani

Once again I participated in the EB Christmas Swap - I finally picked up my parcel and it was worth the wait. Dani has handmade every single item in the package and every item is sewn so well, and is totally useful to me.

She made an apron, an oven glove, tea towels and a recipe book - thank you thank you thank you.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dye and show

But first, a baby romper that I made as part of a baby gift for a friend. I quickly snapped this terrible photo as the batteries on my camera went flat. Anyway, it is a Kwik Sew pattern and the skirt section is from Ottobre (skirted leggings, don't feel like checking out the issue number).

I hope they like it - the colour combo was the ones they had in their wedding. I also made a covered photo album and some bloomers.

I have decided to try to concentrate on getting the shaving cream dye method down pat next year, as I have plans for using the fabrics in a show entry next May. The last few days I have been doing little pieces in the laundry - I have got somewhere outside to do bigger pieces but I was doing it in the heat/rain/night so it was better inside using a small tray. Anyway, I want to learn small and then get bigger as I get better.

These are some of my favourites - in pink of course.

I used some white drill and it shows the colours a lot clearer than the poplin or cotton lycra knit.

I discovered a way to make leaf-like patterns (drop dots then run a chopstick through). It is hard to see (and the green faded to a yellow in the wash) but I tried to make roses in the middle piece.

I have heaps of fabric to practice more, but need more shaving cream. Looks like I will be forced to do some sewing after all.