Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tees, tees, lots of tees

A quick read around sewing blogs and you will meet many people that dislike sewing the same patterns. There are too many patterns to try apparently. Then there are others who make their TNT over many times, or are trying to, with clever variations to mix it up a little.

As I was sewing this tops,  I wondered if there were others that were like me. I sew up four very similar tops and enjoy it. I don't try to vary them too much, and I don't find it boring at all. I just enjoy sewing them without having to think to much. Am I alone, a little nigel no-friends of people who like to sew things like this?

I needed a new white tee and decided to use Jalie 2805. i have only just gotten this pattern - I thought it was time to trade in the old tee TNT for a new one. Thing is, the Jalie is virtually the same as my old Kwik Sew pattern, only a lot longer. Fabric is a delish cotton lycra.

This is Jalie 2806. I picked out the cream with brown scribbles fabric (a rayon elastane) because it was there and I could use the white thread that was in the overlocker from the white tee. I went with the 3/4 length sleeves as not to have fabric go to waste.  As soon as I tried this on, I was in love. This is my new fave tee pattern. I am surprised  I like the scoopneck as much as I do. It is not a wide scoop, I think that is why I like it so much.

Jalie 2806 again, this time in a bright yellow cotton lycra. And the other view - with the gathers folded over. I discovered the sleeves for 2805 fit onto the 2806, how lovely. I will have to check out whether they are the same for 2804. I don't have any other Jalie tops.

Last one is actually a black and white stripe that sent my eyes funny when I was cutting it out. I guess it is tricking the camera now. This is actually 2805 but with the scoopneck shape from 2806. I loved the neckline so much.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Shirred butterfly dress

I feel like I have been in a sewing rut for a while. I should be making the most of my school holidays and sewing it up while I can. While my daughter did have surgery (overnight stay, plus still dealing with little Missy who works herself into a state when she needs to take medicine) and it has been stinking hot here, they are not real reason not to sew since I am not really doing anything else with my time.

So I made the girl a dress. Nothing too hard, just a little something to feel like I have done something useful rather than fritter my life away online.

 The dress was made with Ottobre #11 3/2007. The pattern is actually for a top, but I measured J and lengthened the pattern, following the lines at the same angle. The pattern is very easy. My overlocker chewed at the binding, so I zig zagged the edge instead. I was not impressed with the application of the binding straps, which are left open at the ends. They ended up a little too short anyway, so next time I would make them longer and square so that they can be completely stitched to the ends.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sewing the yoke on the Chantilly dress

The instructions regarding sewing the yoke lining down on the Chantilly Dress were quite brief - along the lines of fold the free edge of the top yoke lining under 5/8" and press...

This is what I did.

Stitch around the fold line (1.5cm = 5/8")
Notch the curve.
Finger press along the stitch line. Pin and check to see if the edges lined up.

Yoke is now lovely and curved. Take pins out and press or use pins to pin into place like I did!

You may also be able to see the understitching, another step that was not mentioned in the instructions portion of the pattern (although it is in the glossary).