Monday, January 09, 2012

Shirred butterfly dress

I feel like I have been in a sewing rut for a while. I should be making the most of my school holidays and sewing it up while I can. While my daughter did have surgery (overnight stay, plus still dealing with little Missy who works herself into a state when she needs to take medicine) and it has been stinking hot here, they are not real reason not to sew since I am not really doing anything else with my time.

So I made the girl a dress. Nothing too hard, just a little something to feel like I have done something useful rather than fritter my life away online.

 The dress was made with Ottobre #11 3/2007. The pattern is actually for a top, but I measured J and lengthened the pattern, following the lines at the same angle. The pattern is very easy. My overlocker chewed at the binding, so I zig zagged the edge instead. I was not impressed with the application of the binding straps, which are left open at the ends. They ended up a little too short anyway, so next time I would make them longer and square so that they can be completely stitched to the ends.


  1. What an adorable little dress. I do hope your daughter has a complete and uncomplicated recovery. She sure looks happy in her new dress!

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  3. Such a sweet dress, it's very cute. I know what you mean about the internet, it's so easy to spend time blog surfing instead of actually sewing :)

    Hope your daughter gets better soon.

  4. That is so sweet, Marie. Will have to go look that pattern up.

  5. What a lovely dress!


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