Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aliens visited our house.

Last weekend, I used my dyeing tray to dye some rainbow coloured fabric for a nightie for Jalisa. I covered it with garbage bags and left it for a couple of days. I checked on it over the course of the two days that I left it, but boy did I recieve a surprise. I found all these little blue rings all over the fabric. Tiny crop circles if you like. It was a bit of a mystery at the time, but I think I have the mystery solved.

Can you guess what caused the blue circles?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Jalie 2908 - stretch jeans

When I saw Dawn's Jalie jeans on her blog, I was inspired to buy this pattern. She churned out some awesome jeans and it made me believe that I could too.

Being the lazy sewist that I am, the pattern sat there for awhile. I only trace patterns when I am in the mood, and it is not often. Meanwhile, Liz created some jeans from Ottobre which seemed to enthuse my mood for creating my own jeans once again.

I found some denim in my stash which seemed to have some stretch that I thought would work for a test pair. I read all the reviews and tips that I could find (mostly on Patternreview, a site I haven't really looked at in years).

Anyway, here they are.
Based on my measurements, I went with a size U. However, my denim is not a stretchy as the 20% recommended, so I used 6mm seams at the side seams instead of the 1cm allowed for by Jalie. I had read that the pattern can be a little tight in the thighs, and with my saddlebags, I am wondering if I need to add extra when I use this pattern next.

My sewing machine was happy topstitching with upholstry thread in the top and regular in the bobbin (apart from the buttonhole). I used Gutermann 887, which is golden brown.

I used a regular zipper, not the metal jeans ones. I could have bought a shorter one - the 8 inch was plenty big. I couldn't find any jeans needles, but my universal size 14s worked fine.

Love the back view. I have to wiggle to get them on, but they are comfy when all zipped and buttoned up.

I used the low rise version which was a good length for me (but then again, I am short waisted and have a long mid section).
I will be making these again, in denim as well as stretch cord.