Monday, June 29, 2009

Sewing for June

This is me trying to get a good picture for a competition held at Crafty Mamas. I did not succeed.
Jalisa is wearing a white cotton blouse (from Ottobre 3/07 I think) with a cord skirt (swirl dyed by me). Trim at the bottom is some mini pom poms. Scott is wearing a jacket ( I used the Kwik sew for toddler hoodie changed it to have a lining, and used the zipper version). I used an applique from Ottobre for the dog. The pants are also Ottobre. I used a brown stretch cord with a dog print for the pockets.
Here is the jumper I am wearing in the first photo. I think it is pattern 2993 from Kwik Sew. I used a mauve-ish sweater knit that I have been stashing since uni.
I made this last night. I wanted to time how long it took to make since someone asked me. Under two hours. This is a nice light grey marle fleece fabric. I found a Barbie zipper pull for $1 so I added that today. This is the same pattern that I used earlier this month, but I omitted the pockets.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hoodie for me

This is the first hoodie that I have made for myself. I am pretty happy with it, even though the pockets are positioned wrong and I haven't topstitched the zipper.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 2993. The fabric is some hand dyed fleecy. It is similar to the fabric I dyed for Scott's hoodie, but a slightly different shade - mine is brighter. This is a great pattern though I think there is at least one mistake in it. I used the zipper length recommended (actually, it was 1 cm longer) and it is a little too short. I ended up curving the seam at the top to blend in with the hood, otherwise the end of the zipper tape would have shown. I know that when I did a jacket for DH with a zipper, it had me curve the end of the zipper into the seam to prevent this. I did not have enough length in the zipper to do this.

I did trace off a larger than normal size, so it is a little baggy. It is just a casual, around the house - do the errands in type of jumper.

Sewing binge

Shamefully I haven't updated my blog in over a month. Some of that time I wasn't sewing but the last couple of weekends I have gotten my butt into gear and done some much needed winter sewing.

When I asked what Jalisa wanted me to make her this winter, she said dresses. So dresses she got. Being extremely lazy, I just used the one pattern. I modifyed a tunic top (from Ottobre 4/07) by lengthening it and adding more swing. Jalisa picked this fabric herself at the fabric shop...not a fan, but I couldn't persuade her to choose something else. Leggings are from Ottobre 4/04.
This leggings patterns is great - it makes up in 10 minutes if you overlock and coverstitch it. I am not compeltely happy with the sizing of the tunic top - it was huge, even after taking in. Pitty I had already cut out a few others otherwise I would have traced something else out. For the next set, I used picot elastic at the neckline and gathered the sleeves along the seam so it is "bunchy." The leggings are hand dyed by moi.
Nothing much to say about the next set. Well, I say set but they can be mixed and matched a little. I have had these fabrics in the stash for a few year, they are a cotton lycra that I picked up for a song.
Hoodie for Scotty - pattern is from the kwik sew for toddlers book. Fabric is hand dyed by me.
Here is an action shot of the first dress/leggings set. This style of dress is very practical for an active child.
Some pants for Scott - pattern is from Ottobre 3/02. This will have a coordinating jumper made soon - I am going to use a pale blue french terry knit.
PJ pants for the girl - I should have bought more to make a matching button down shirt. I will have to make some tops to got with these.
Tops for me. This is my staple pattern (kwik sew 3003) and I have modifyed the tee to have long sleeves and a crew neck. The pink fabric I have had in the stash for at least 7 years.
Another hand dyed hoodie for Scott.
Another pair of leggings for Jalisa. There is elastic at the legs to make it bunchy. I also made another hand dyed dress but I couldn't find it anywhere, it must be in the wash. I tried to stamp patty cakes on, but the fabric paint I was using wasn't cooperating. I ended up making silver polka dots all over the front of the dress.
I have a pair of pinstripe wool work pants that I need to hem, and a zippered hoodie for me that needs to have the facing inserted and I can update again.