Sunday, February 03, 2013

Teaching my children to sew plus a side of comfy

I started teaching my kids to sew last weekend. I had promised my daughter I would teach her over the summer holidays and I do like to keep my promises (although I did procrastinate because I knew it would require a lot of patience on my behalf.)
I cut out pieces of fabric for bags from scraps so the bags are just randomly sized. Scott sat on my lap and presssed the pedal while I helped him steer, but Jalisa was able to do it herself following my instructions. I was rather surprised how quickly she picked it up. The photo was taken on the first day back at school (also Scott's first day of school ever). I thought I would be super excited to see him off at school, but I actually cried when I saw him in his uniform for the first time and was anxious the whole day waiting to see how he went. He loves school.
I don't think I have posted pictures of my undies before and these aren't all that exciting anyway, but I think I have found THE perfect unides pattern for me. Kwik Sew 3301. Previously I have used an Ottobre pattern and they have been okay, but these are super comfy. I was a little hesitant to have a seam centre front and back but I can't tell it is there at all.