Friday, October 28, 2011

I found my sewjo - hooray

This was my first project in a while. I kinda lost my sewjo when I went back to work.  It is hard to believe that I hadn’t touched my machines in nearly a month.
I tried a few things to find the mojo – I traced a few patterns, reviewed my sewing list and I even measured all my fabrics (just over 200 metres, not too bad). I just couldn’t seem to settle on a project and cut out some fabric.
Part of the reason I decided to start a database was because I couldn’t remember if I had washed the fabrics or not. I used to have a stash list on my old, old computer details length, width, fabric content etc as well as whether it had been pre-laundered or not. I am not one of those organised ones that take their fabric straight to the laundry room. Maybe I should make this a new habit.

Burda #126 from 3/2005 was one of the patterns I traced. It is a straight-ish skirt with an inverted box pleat at the centre front, big patch pockets, belt loops, jeans style yoke and curved waistband. I used a straight size 40 and the fit is spot on. I used the same colour stretch drill as my last jacket – I ended up having to buy another cut of the fabric because the first time the staff member did not give me enough for a jacket. I don’t plan to wear the skirt and the jacket at the same time though.

The skirt went together well – the instructions were very confusing and I still have no idea what they are talking about with the hem at the pleat. I ended up leaving the tabs off since they were wonky and I just wanted to move forward with the skirt rather than go back and recut the interfacing etc. Lazy I know.

This was the first time I had just the interfacing I ordered from Fashion Sewing  Supply. It is a great as everyone has said. Because of the stretch of the fabric, I also applied interfacing tape to the pockets and the hem, to stop any rippling of the stitches. If I make this skirt again, I will sew the pockets on and then sew the side seams. The pockets abut the side seam so sewing the pockets within the side seam would prevent the slight gap that happens when the fabric is stretched.