Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tees, tees, lots of tees

A quick read around sewing blogs and you will meet many people that dislike sewing the same patterns. There are too many patterns to try apparently. Then there are others who make their TNT over many times, or are trying to, with clever variations to mix it up a little.

As I was sewing this tops,  I wondered if there were others that were like me. I sew up four very similar tops and enjoy it. I don't try to vary them too much, and I don't find it boring at all. I just enjoy sewing them without having to think to much. Am I alone, a little nigel no-friends of people who like to sew things like this?

I needed a new white tee and decided to use Jalie 2805. i have only just gotten this pattern - I thought it was time to trade in the old tee TNT for a new one. Thing is, the Jalie is virtually the same as my old Kwik Sew pattern, only a lot longer. Fabric is a delish cotton lycra.

This is Jalie 2806. I picked out the cream with brown scribbles fabric (a rayon elastane) because it was there and I could use the white thread that was in the overlocker from the white tee. I went with the 3/4 length sleeves as not to have fabric go to waste.  As soon as I tried this on, I was in love. This is my new fave tee pattern. I am surprised  I like the scoopneck as much as I do. It is not a wide scoop, I think that is why I like it so much.

Jalie 2806 again, this time in a bright yellow cotton lycra. And the other view - with the gathers folded over. I discovered the sleeves for 2805 fit onto the 2806, how lovely. I will have to check out whether they are the same for 2804. I don't have any other Jalie tops.

Last one is actually a black and white stripe that sent my eyes funny when I was cutting it out. I guess it is tricking the camera now. This is actually 2805 but with the scoopneck shape from 2806. I loved the neckline so much.


  1. Great take on the 4 tops - all very different to each other. Mind you, my eye was taken by the beautiful mango's behind you...mmmmmmmm

  2. " a nigel no friends?" - I have never heard that expression but it is a great one so I will have to adopt it immediately - well you and I are poles apart of the sewing the same thing continuum. I sew for novelty as well as clothes (which means I have lots of novelty and few wearable things).

  3. Definitely love that scoop neck on you!

  4. I'm a big fan of using the same pattern over and over. I have used the tee in New Look 6735 a LOT. Also since I use sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem it just makes sense to do a few garments with the same colour thread, before I need to rethread them all for the next piece.

  5. I like using the same pattern over and over. I like having reliable patterns that I know work, and consider patterns an investment. Once you have used fabric, it's gone, but patterns are forever.

  6. I really like the scoop neck, too, especially with the gathers.

    With the basics, I tend to reuse patterns I already know will work. But for other things...novelty certainly has its appeal!

  7. As I know the "Nigel no friends" comment I will surmise that we are of similar era!
    I like all your tees - I think with sewing you have to just make what works for you. Having young children only gives you a limited time to sew so you need to know you will get what you need.
    My fave is the squiggles one!

  8. Love the tops, yellow looks really great on you!
    When I find a pattern I like I stick with it - it can be really hard to find one that fits me well with my body type.

  9. That is a great wardrobe of tees you have created. If I love a pattern, I often make it again straight away. It is so much easier and quicker the second time. Different fabrics give such different looks anyway.. now to go make my second sorbetto top...

  10. Great tees - love the yellow one. I'm a bit all over the place with patterns, if I find one I really like I'll make it over and over and then I need a change so I'll try a few different ones. I have some really lovely patterns in my stash that for one reason or another I haven't made up so I'm making a bit of an effort to sew them at the moment.

  11. Your t shirts look excellent, and quite different from each other with the fabric changes.
    I like both new patterns and sewing the same thing over a few times, but have a tendency to make the same, distinctive, pattern until even the non sewing types recognize it, so my self imposed rule is 3 times then find a new pattern. T shirts and trousers don't count. I use the same patterns for these garments all the time and this works for me.


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