Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sewing the yoke on the Chantilly dress

The instructions regarding sewing the yoke lining down on the Chantilly Dress were quite brief - along the lines of fold the free edge of the top yoke lining under 5/8" and press...

This is what I did.

Stitch around the fold line (1.5cm = 5/8")
Notch the curve.
Finger press along the stitch line. Pin and check to see if the edges lined up.

Yoke is now lovely and curved. Take pins out and press or use pins to pin into place like I did!

You may also be able to see the understitching, another step that was not mentioned in the instructions portion of the pattern (although it is in the glossary).

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  1. Sometimes they must think we are all mind-readers when it comes to the sparse instructions.
    Love the colour you have chosen for this dress - looking forward to seeing it completed, very soon!!!


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