Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vogue 1194 in emerald knit

In a quest to try new things, I bought a couple of $5 patterns in a certain Australian chain craft store. I think I bought 3 of the Vogue designer ones, since they are so exxy. I have admired many knit dresses across many blogs, so I picked up a couple with some interesting details.
This is Vogue 1194, which has gathers and pleats on the bodice, pleats at the front skirt, gathering at the back skir and a twisted front band. Hmm, I am just studying the desription on the back of the pattern and the pattern describes the bodice as being loose fitting. That makes me feel better. When I tried it on, the wedding dress fitting scene from The Proposal movie came into my head. It is a little looser that I would normally go for, but it is not too bad (I don't think).

 I roughly compared my basic tee pattern to the bodice patterns and I decided to trace a size smaller than indicated on the pattern. If I made it again, I would have to do something about the bodice front, as it fits great everywhere else. I am actually thinking about adding a plain top and using the pleated/gathered skirt for next time.

I really love the twisted front band - the pattern says to match notches but unless I traced the wrong ones, I could not match the notches without it being in the wrong place. I just made sure that the front and back bands met at the side seam.
Green is my favourite colour and apart from this in a very similar fabric, I don't have many other green garments. I do have some other green fabrics, including a very recent fabric purchase, so maybe I should change that soon.

It has been very spring-like weather here the last few days. It has made me think of spring sewing, which I hope to include some more dresses.  As long as the skirt is fairly full and has some type of shoulder coverage, I plan to wear more dresses to work. I have been in a real pants/shorts for work rut and I just need to have more fun with my clothes.

Having said that, I do have plans to make some shorts from the yellow linen I bought recently, inspired by Carolyn and Bernice. And a white blouse.


  1. Oh this is really nice Marie. I love it and that colour looks great on you too. I have noticed the swing away from shorts and I like it. I saw a kelly green cotton at the fabric sale and wish I'd bought two metres of that too.... I see it everywhere now.

    1. Thanks - I bought this fabric at Darn Cheap fabrics online. It is a great colour, I am thinking I might need some more for a summer dress!

  2. I see why green is your favourite, it looks so good on you! The style of dress is just wonderful on you too, i really like this one :)

  3. Oh it's lovely on you!
    this is a funny coincidence; because I've got the pieces for this pattern all cut out and I'm waiting for the opportunity to fit it and make it up. Your findings on the sizing will be very helpful, thank you so much for the detailed advice!

  4. I think this looks wonderful! I've got it all ready to cut out too, but in a red/orange knit. Love yours in the green, and your notes will be really helpful. Thanks so much.


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