Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amatuer hour (aka I dislike rib knit)

I had finished this baby gown AGES ago, but I felt it needed some applique on it. I struggled for days trying to find a good picture of a frog to copy or to think of a word.
Anyway, I should have looked at the signs and left in plain. It was fine as it was, really. But no. It did not matter that I lost the words that I had traced onto the webbing - I could trace it again after I finished pulling out my hair. It did not matter that I did not have a suitable woven to applique to - I could use the very stretchy rib knit that the gown was made from. It did not matter that it was almost impossible to get to sew the *patch* in the place I wanted - or that it would stretch and slide all over. Argh.
So I am happy that it is done - it is better than in the UFO pile I suppose.


  1. Marie, I LOVE it.

  2. Very cute. I can certainly relate to the writing on the front!

  3. Marie, I think it looks adorable!

  4. I think it's cute. You should make yourself a tee with the same slogan! And just remember finished is better than perfect. That's what I am always trying to remind myself.

  5. I really love this - it's too cute for words!


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