Monday, April 09, 2007

Coat work in progress

This is going to be Jalisa's Winter coat. It is from Ottobre 5/2006, #24.

I found this fabric in an op shop and I really have no idea what sort of fabric it would be. I also don't really know how old it is either. For those reasons, I decided underlining it with a thin batting would ensure it was warm as well as give the fabric some support - it frays fairly easily.

So far I have sew most pieces of batting to the shell fabric. I have also sewn the collar, pocket flaps and back. It was only after I had sewn it that I thought I could have cut the panels to ensure the weave matched really well. But live and learn.
Here is the inside view (so far). It will be actually lined with a fluffy pink sweater knit.
Undecided whether I will attempt to make bound buttonholes. If the coat turns out pretty good I will enter it into the local show.


  1. A great start Marie - 13 pieces, plus having to measure the seam allowance - what an effort. It looks like it will be worth it though. Can't wait to see it progress.

  2. wow Marie, you've done so much so quickly! It's looking great, look forward to more progress photos :)

  3. I can't wait to see the end product!!


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