Monday, September 22, 2008

I love dog prints

Here is Scott's birthday outfit, not modelled because I was way to impatient to wit until he woke up. I used the woven romper pattern from Ottobre 2/2005 (#5 ).

The only modification I made was to get rid of the back flap - Scott is a nightmare to change at the moment (must hold a book or something to stop the kicks and rolls) so I did not think an opening at the back would cut it when I am in a hurry. (I should try it one day though, as I might find it easier that way, but it appears as though you have to stick their legs back in and that did not seem practical). To make the lower back into one piece, you just have to trace one part and then overlap where the opening would normally go. I added a little extra to the front and back lower pieces so I could put snaps in there.

I was really pleased with this pattern - the sleeves were looking like they would be too big but they were exactly the right length - no gathering needed. The pattern is really easy to put together - just lots of topstitching.

If I were to do this pattern again (already have one half sewn) I would choose a plain fabric rather than a print - you cannot see all the wonderful topstitching on a print whereas a plain fabric would highlight the topstitching and seams better, showing all your hard work.


  1. The outfit looks great - I saw this material in spotlight the other day and almost bought it - but ended up taking home the same piece as the shorts that you made (which are super cute I must add.

    Happy Birthday to little Scooter - hope that you all had a lovely day together.

  2. What a wonderful outfit! I've thought about making that romper too, so it's nice to see it all made up.

  3. Aww I love the material, it looks just adorable!! Cheriese is like that too, constantly trying to roll over during her nappy changes.


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