Saturday, October 21, 2006

This is what I meant Andrea - I should have looked at some instructions before making another bag...I just did a square bottom bag from memory and couldn't visualise how to make it square at the top. This is how.
I took this photo yesterday. Jalisa cracks me up with the stuff that she does. I have no idea where she got the safety glasses, but she loves wearing them.
This is what we did this morning. DH was doing some work on BIL's loader and we went to watch...sorta. This arvo we have a BBQ at nephew's new piece of land, then my friend is popping in after work and after church tonight we are going over to another friend's to play board games. I am tired already.

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  1. Oh Marie, great middle pict of DD! :) All ready to go out with her safety glasses, party hat and two bags! LOL Classic!! :)


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