Friday, October 20, 2006

Fun friday

On our list of things to buy for camping at Christmas 06/07, we had written bags for clothes. I suppose we wrote that as we did not have enough room in Wayne's camping bag for his clothes plus mine as well as Jalisa's. We needed more, lots more. So this bag is my trial.

I was going to put a zipper at the top, which restricted the size but decided not to as I couldn't visualise what I needed to do. The fabric is leftover from my curtains which I have not made into computer/overlocker covers, as intended. (Hmm, I do seem to write I will do something, forget and then do something else...I am just forgetful or change my mind!)

I then thought I would make another bag, but started with an embellishment. I actually drew this bird a while back, and inspired by Ingrid's birdie softies and applique tee, got out the drawing, vliesfix and assorted remnants and did the applique in a really simple way (i.e stitch the outline) seeing as it will go as a patch on the outside of a bag and thus won't be washed too much.

I did manage to do the dishes, a load of laundry and tidy/vacuum the house. I will be mowing when DH gets home, so glad I slipped in a bit of sewing.


  1. Love the bag and love the bird, looks great.

  2. They look fantastic Marie. Great idea for some more practcal things!

    With the zip, I pictured in my mind, just folding over the top edge and running the zip inbetween, if that makes sense??

    I love the bird! Oh why aren't I creative?????


  3. Andrea- that is what I was thinking but I actually made the bag with a base, so if I put the zip in like that, it would not be *square* at the top, if that makes sense.

    I actually looked at some kwik sew instructions for a similar bag and they have you sew the bag to the lining at the top sides in a [_] shape and cut out the small square section and then turn the bag as usual and the apply the zipper to the bag and lining at the same time. It looks like
    _[ ]_
    [ ]
    at the sides.

  4. oh the bird. Looks great!! :)


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