Friday, December 17, 2010

Burda dress for Summer

While I was trying to find inspiration in the sewing room, I came across this fabric that my SIL gave me many years ago. Despite not digging this print 100%, there was something about the fabric that kept me holding onto it and it was never chucked out in my recent clearout. It's actually a polished cotton. Clear colours with a tropical theme. I thought it would make a good dress to wear while on holidays. This time last year I made a couple of tropical print dresses. Maybe this will be a tradition - my version of those loud hawaiian shirts.

I used #123 from Burda 6/2005. Actually, this way one of the patterns for one of those dresses, but this time I morphed it onto a pattern with a flared skirt (just like I did my last Burda dress).

I like the look of a fuller skirt, especially for everyday wear. Sitting down is so much easier and there is a chance of not flashing my undies when I have to pick stuff up (like Scott's thong at the supermarket today).
This pattern has princess seams and a square neckline. The back is really high, which makes it a little hard to zip up. I really like the straps, which are curved slightly to sit flush with the skin and allow a narrower front than back.


  1. Look lovely Marie and sits so well, I find that often fabrics look better made up too - this one is perfect for the holidays!

  2. Very pretty dress!

  3. I think this print is fabulous! Did you plan for it to match the flowers in the background? Cool. I also like the princess seams with the square neckline. Very flattering on you!

  4. I love this dress - the bodice and the seaming are really nice. The colors are also fabulous and match your beautiful foliage!


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