Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ottobre for my boy

I have recently made some new clothes for DS, but since they are good clothes, and he is generally grubby, I haven't bothered to take some photos until now. I am lazy so of course the shorts are the same pattern, as are the shirts.

The shirt is from issue 2/2003. This is a really good issue, I think I have made at least 6 of the patterns as well as an applique. This particular shirt (#27) has raglan sleeves with extra darts that you can topstitch as well as the usual pocket and collar (no actual stand but has that look rather than the lapelled effect.

The shorts are the "Ahoy" ones from 3/09 (Summer issues of Ottobre are the best I reckon).
The pattern came together really well, I left of the drawstring because I couldn't find something that I liked at home. The denim is leftover from my jeans, and the dog print is a SL poplin, again left over from Scott's first birthday outfit


  1. You have a very cute boy there and the clothes are just darling. I love the guitar top!

  2. I've made some variations of the Ahoy shorts - they're very nice. I like your denim version. And I love that guitar top, too!

  3. Those little outfits are totally adorable!! The topstitching on the denim short looks fabulous. Nothing wrong with re-using patterns. I do it all the time too! I think of it as getting my money's worth...


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