Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colouring in cord

For awhile I have been thinking about a dye technique that would be easy like low water immersion but with soft smooth variations in colour. The idea was tested first in my trusty kitty litter tray (reserved for dyeing, no cat in this household) and some plain paper. On Friday there was a break in the weather so it was time to test my idea in full scale.

For this method, I use my tray and mixing up the dye like I would the shaving cream method. However, I make up a huge amount of the dye /shaving cream mixture, pour it into the tray and move the tray to creat soft mixes of the colour. It was a steep learning curve, since the ground wasn't flat and I hadn't worked out what the right dye+ shaving cream+water ratio was best.
It was a windy day too so I couldn't spread out my fabrics flat. Above is my favourite one. Pity it is the smallest piece.

I needed to mix up some more dye here. Too many blank areas.
I made two other pieces but I think they will be redyed. The depth of colour is low and the contrast minimal.
What do you think?

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