Friday, October 17, 2008

For those of you who asked for a picture

Here it is (maybe I should add to my fabric addict list - when you request to see other people's purchases :P) Not much to say - I got over 11 meters of a beige cotton knit, some pink cotton knit, some rayon knit, black stretch drill for cropped work pants and a little bit of voile which I will try to make into butterfly wings *maybe* for Jalisa for Christmas. I while I am writing a blog entry, I thought I should post some more sewing pictures. Mine are so boring because they don't contain any designer fabrics or exciting fabric combinations. This is a little puff sleeves Otto tee (#18 from 1/07) - fabric is hand dyed cotton lycra, pattern is easy peasy. I plan to use it for a little dress soon.
Cotton kimono robe for me. Pattern is from Burda WOF, but I can't remember the issue. Hopefully this will be good for when we go camping and have to use communal showers. Sash is from some marbled dyed fabric.

Another nightie, this time for me. The fabric is a spotted rayon knit (I started with like 12 metres of this stuff, so it is being used for many jammies). I used a vintage Kwik Sew pattern, #717. The pattern is actually a slip but I think it would make a really nice dress pattern for someone with some confidence. I don't really do spaghetti straps in public anymore. I think I am going to alter this to make a singlet pattern.


  1. Oh Marie, your sewing is not boring at all! I love all the combinations you come up with. That purple puffed sleeved top is adorable, Jalisa looks very happy with it! Love the kimono robe and nightie too.

    Thanks for the stash photo, you did very well at the sale. I suppose this means I have to blog mine now :)

  2. I don't know how you make those tops for Jalisa, they look great.

  3. Oh are you going to be putting the cream into the dye pot??? Love the top and nighty!

  4. Not boring at all Marie! That's a cute T - I might hunt that pattern down - if you're thinking of making it longer like a dress maybe it would work for the girls for a nightie - they need summer ones desperately.


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