Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sorbetto in lace

Even though I was feeling a little burnt out (work and stresses at home) I decided to make my lace Sorbetto rather than hitting the couch on Friday.

The lace is underlined in a cotton broadcloth that I purchased at the same time as buying this lace.  Next time I underline, I will look in the other fabric store in town for a nicer underlining fabric. Underlining this lace was a lot trickier than my black and white Sorbetto as well as a yet to be blogged lace dress for my daughter. It stretched out and I had to recut it before I basted it to the underlining.
 I had meant to cut the fabric the other way but it deson't look so bad this way either. I only bought 1m so not enough to recut. I cut the top without the pleat.
 I finished the edges with bias binding on the inside. I prefer the binding on the inside but it does make it easier for my bra strap to show.
If I do decide to make the Sorbetto again, I will add some flutter "sleeves" I think, for a little more sun protection at work.


  1. Anonymous7:35 am

    That lace is beautiful and I like the direction you cut it out in, if you hadn't mentioned I wouldn't have thought about it :) I agree some flutter sleeves would look great on another lace version, so pretty and sun smart.


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