Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Am I the last one?

To sew a Sorbetto that is. This was the fabric I was willing to sacrifice to see how the pattern goes before committing to a lace version. This fabric is actually a sheer voile but I underlined it with cotton broadcloth so it would be work acceptable and because I don't like wearing singlets to work in our humid summer.

It is a fabulous fit and not a wrinkle at the back - which is always a plus. So on to the lace Sorbetto. Bring on the school holidays. I need more sleep.


  1. It looks lovely on you, the fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the lace version!

  2. Your Sorbetto is so pretty - I love the print, and the fit is terrific. You are not the last, as I haven't got past the download, maybe this summer? A lace one sounds lovely.

  3. I know how you feel about being the last one. I took a long time to sew this pattern too. I'm sure there is still a long line behind us though!
    Yours looks great.

  4. It looks lovely, the fabric is just so pretty. I can imagine a lace version looking gorgeous too. No, you are not the last, I have not sewn a sorbetto, but I probably never will :)

  5. You're definitely not the last - I've downloaded the pattern and that's as far as I got :) Your top looks lovely and should be a great summer staple.


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